Trimming and Pruning of Trees and BushesTrimming and pruning

Tree trimming and pruning are an important factor in the life of every tree growing in your yard. Trimming and pruning enhances both the beauty and overall health of the tree. In the forest trees compete with each other thereby helping them develop a strong branch structure so they can take in sunlight and absorb water. In your yard  the lone tree or few trees require a lot of help since they usually develop a weak structure and even die early if they don’t receive proper tree care.

Tree Trimming Benefits
Tree trimming can be done as a grooming process to maintain a certain design. For instance, when you are growing a tree in your yard for ornamental purposes, it may be necessary to trim the end of the limbs to keep the trees appearance even and rounded. Tree trimming can  also be done to thin out the tree. The thinning of the trees structure is also done by pruning dead branches or diseased limbs. Branches that straggle away from the crown should also be pruned or even cut back to a larger branch or the main trunk for safety purposes.
Hazards of Pruning
While tree pruning may not be as difficult as it appears, it is also not as simple as it might seem. Proper tree maintenance usually means knowing what to trim, how and when to do it. In fact, when done improperly, it could prove dangerous to the tree as well as the person doing it.
Accidentally splitting or tearing the bark when cutting is one of the common hazards when dealing with large branches. This increases the risk of decay and infection. You might also need to secure large branches by lowering them to the ground, which might be difficult. Equipment such as climbing spurs are known to damage the bark and should be avoided. Tree trimming for different trees should also be done at different times of the year. Improper timing could easily compromise the health of the tree as well as its natural growth. For instance, oak trees are susceptible to Oak Wilt disease when pruned during warm months.

While you may save some money by trimming your own trees, this could be a hazardous process if you are not trained. Fairfax has a lot of large, old trees and large limbs are especially difficult to work with when they cannot be supported using one hand. In addition, choosing improper tools to carry out the task may work against you. It could also be hazardous to carry out any tree work when the tree is adjacent to an electrical line, which is common in Fairfax.
While you could definitely work on smaller trees on your own with no difficulty, it is important to leave the difficult pruning work and hard-to-reach areas to the professionals. This will not only save you a lot of time and trouble, it will also guarantee the safety and well-being of your trees.
Fairfax Tree Service offers high quality services and professional advice on every aspect of tree trimming so you can get exactly what you want without compromising the health of your trees. We have all the tree care skills required to guarantee the best results. Contact us today!

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